Ronnie Serr
Web database development since 1998
Specializing in:
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Last updated May 4, 2018
Migration to Zoho
DuMOL Winery
Serve as a Technical Lead on a migration from a home-grown FileMaker solution, to Zoho CRM, Zoho Finance and VineSpring ecommerece platform.
Development work: September 2016 - ongoing.
Migration to Zendesk
Specialized Technologies UL-System Search and Submittal Builder
Migrated a proprietary support managent system into Zendesk.
Development work: 2015 - 2016.
UL System Search & Submittal Builder
Specialized Technologies UL-System Search and Submittal Builder
The UL-System search provides for both a progressive and UL System based search of STI's product combinations. The Submittal Builder lets the users select a number of UL Systems with data and saftey sheets into one PDF document. In Summer 2012, started a complete redesign of the Systems database and its various interfaces.
Development work: Started 2004. Ongoing.
AAAASF (Association for the Accreditation of Surgical Facilities) Quality Assurance Site
  • "AAAASF Statistics Reporter," a FileMaker Pro solution that provides detailed analysis of data collected by AAAASF web peer review program.
  • "AAAASF Investigative Committee Case Manager" FileMaker solution
  • RA/OPT Web Review FileMaker solution
Development work: Started December 2009 - December 2011.
Specialized Technologies RSAD (Restricted Space Access Database) Site
RSAD enables facilities to issue and manage firestopping and other types of on-site work permits for vendors and inhouse installers. eBMP is a program that lets firestopping installers and inspectors input field data using mobile computers to facilitate firestopping work management and copliance.
  • Visual Reporter using Flash maps in FileMaker reporter solution
  • Visual Reporter using high-resolution PDF in FileMaker reporter solution
Development wirj: Started March 2001. Ongoing.
Original Cult
The Original Cult, Lip Service, Kill City
Help evaluate the FileMaker Pro solution that runs the business, and consult upgrading it to the latest technologies. Migrate solution from FileMaker 6 & Lasso 6 to FileMaker 11 & Lasso 8.6.
Development work: May - October 2010; October 2011 - ongoing.
Sauer Properties
Help restructure data entities on FileMaker Pro database solution that runs the business. Improve input screens as well as income and expense reports to work across the network. In late 2012, help automate monthly statements by email, and build a mobile Rental Portal using JQueryMobile connecting to a FileMaker PHP REST API. Project was placed on hold in April 2013.
Development work: Occasional consulting beginning 2008. Latest assignments: November 2010. Resumed November 2012 - April 2013. Maintenance - ongoing.
CNB Leads by Bullseye Marketing
Help maintain, fix and improve a Ruby on Rails marketing managment solution.
Development work: May-July 2010; August 2011 - ongoing.
Rhino Entertainment, a Warner Music Group company
Consultant on several projects since 1999
  • Help convert static sites to Drupal 7 for hosting on Acquia network. Sites include:,, and others. August 2012.
  • Help convert from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6, including modules, views, themes, blocks and menus. September-December 2010.
  • Help convert from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6, including modules, views, panels, themes, blocks and menus. August, December 2010.
  • and Help maintain Drupal sites. System maintenance and documentation. Sep-Dec 2007, August-November 2008.
  • Several jobs for the Lasso site of , including comments and a comment admin panel. October 2006.
  • Rhino Records: Developed FileMaker Pro radio marketing solutions. 1999.
Development work: Per project.
The Children's Nature Institute
The Children's Nature Institute
Help maintian, update and develop FileMaker, Joomla website and other IT solutions for a small non-profit organization.
Development work: April 2011 - ongoing.
Digital Forest/Digital Fortress
Digital Forest
Serve as a development consultant to a service provider on multiple development and upgrade projects, specializing in migrating upgrading FileMaker Pro web solutions. Includes work on Digital Forest clients such as
Development work: Started January 2008 - ongoing. Most work ceased by the end of 2012.
Serve as a development consultant on multiple development and upgrade projects, mostly on FileMaker Pro web connectivity projects, including
  • DuMOL Wine allocation solution. December 2008, Summer 2010.
  • IREI Online surveys. March 2010 ongoing.
  • Primawine Searchable wine list. September 2010.
Development work: Started January 2008 - ongoing.
Previously, a Drupal-based site for sharing jokes on video. During Summer-Fall of 2009, the site has been converted to Ruby on Rails. Responsibiliteis includes maintenance and additions to the Drupal site as well as help in creating new features for the Rails site.
Development work: Started August 2009 - April 2010.
USC Shoah Foundation Institute
USC Shoah Foundation Institute for Visual History and Education
A Drupal-backed site displaying testimonies, educational programs, testimony centers and insititute information. Created a dynamic menu, a Drupal comments module, a Drupal Image Gallery module, site documentation, and numerous mainteance assignments.
Development work: Started August 2008 - December 2008.
California License
California License Online Real Estate School
A campus of related sites offering online real estate license education. Assumed a site built with PHP and MySQL to enhanced user interface and administrative features. The compnay was bought by Thomson in December 2005. Additional sites:, (in development), as well as a password protected administrative panel.
Development work: Started December 2003 - April 2009.
The company publishes a desktop rigntone maker. Work included unifiying headers and footers on, unifying the purchase flow, creating a banner admin and display module for mStore, creating a prepaid card module for mStore, and misc development and IT assignments.
Development work: December 2005 - March 2007.
Setting up systems infrastructure for high availability, system administration. Php/mysql project include integration of Geo location system, data partioning, etc.
Site status: Inactive.
Development: August-November 2007.
Personally Fit
The company offers personal training programs. Created a refund module over the OS Commerce Zen Cart system with misc. enhancements.
Development: Started 2006. Suspended.
Specialized Technologies FIT (Firestopping Installer Training) Site
FIT lets firestopping installers and trainers check the status of their Firestopping Installer Training (FIT) certificates, and extend their license by taking an online test. The online test includes remedial study texts to assist users to pass the test successfully.
Development: Started April 2003. Suspended.
AAAASF (Association for the Accreditation of Surgical Facilities) Quality Assurance Site
The first internet relational database for national health care data collection, describing outcome and management of out-patient surgical events for the largest ambulatory surgery facility accreditation association in the country. Currently used by over 1,000 surgicenters.
Site status: Inactive. Replaced by a redevelopped AAAASF site.
Development: Started April 1999.
MyHealth 2000
A health portal designed by StockAlper & Associates for the St. Joseph Medical Center in Southern California.
Site status: Inactive. Active 1999-2001.
Development work: Started February 1999 - 2001.
Enormico's LaVisione
Enormico's contact management system designed especially for laser eye surgery clinics provides full contact administration as well as appointments, forms and statistics.
Site status: Inactive.
Development: 2000-2003.
A real estate REOMLS(tm) and ASP site that delivers property data synchronized with the REOexchange's windows-based desktop inventory and transaction management software system. Used nationwide by high-volume real estate brokers and their bank/lender clients.
Site status: Not working on it anymore.
Development: Enhancement and improvement of existing site as well as several new modules.
Mostly Digital Inc. Store
Mostly Digital Inc.
The online store of a Candian computer store specializing in Mac, Windows and digital equipment.
Site status: Current and ongoing.
Development: Enhancement and improvement of existing site as well as several new modules.
Hollywood Experts
An online school provided continuing education courses on matters relating to the entertainment industry for lawyers and accountants.
Site status: Inactive. Active 1999-2003.
Development work: Started 1999 - 2003.
An internal marketing material management for Dun and Bradstreet, New Jersey, using FileMaker Pro's WebCompanion web server.
Site status: Inactive. Active 1999-2003.
Development work: 2002.
Nina Designs
A wholesale web store for Nina Cooper's sterling silver beads and components.
Site status: Active.
Development: Consulting work on shopping cart only, 1999-2000.
City Limits Bookstore
An online bookstore for City Limits Bookstore, Denver, CO.
Site status: Active 1998-2000.
Development work: 1998-2000.